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Microsoft messenger tool is about to beat its main competitor

In preparation for its entry into the stock market, the famous corporate messenger Slack - presented a financial report and its outlook for future investors. The surprise was the statement that Microsoft Teams is its main competitor. The recognition of the opponent is due, especially considering that the pace of growth of the Teams indicates a surpassing of Slack soon.

According to Microsoft, Teams is used by more than 500,000 companies to promote communication, collaboration and organization of everyday tasks. Of that cake, 91 of these companies are on the Fortune 500 list. Slack, however, still has the edge with 600,000 companies around the world using its corporate messaging solution.

Teams, according to its creator, is the fastest-growing app in Microsoft's history. It was launched in 2017 and, before the end of that year, had only 50,000 companies in the list of users. A year later, the number jumped to 200 thousand and, in March 2019, reached 500 thousand. With those numbers, it would not be surprising to see the "battle" of corporate messengers hanging on to Microsoft's side next year.

But Slack has the potential to fight Microsoft. The messenger has already been in favor of the startups since 2014, when it hit the market, and has a relatively faithful base. The messenger also has more integration with third-party tools.

Teams are committed to its deep integration with Microsoft Office, especially with Outlook, to integrate all the applications of the "modern office". Teams are also available in dozens of different languages, while Slack only started offering Portuguese as an option in May 2019.

Scope and stock exchange

The accelerated pace of Team evolution - and its more comprehensive nature, which integrates workers in offices, on the street and in other outdoor environments - could explain the accelerated growth of Microsoft's tool.

Slack's stripe in the stock market (June 20), on the other hand, could be a watershed for the company, which could turn its digital tools and grow a lot with shareholders' funds raised.

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