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Internal Communication Trends for 2020

It is extremely important to invest in internal communication in the corporate environment. It is through it that information is aligned within the company, in addition to directly influencing the engagement of employees with the workplace. That is why it is necessary to be relevant to achieve good results.

The internal communication planning guides everyone during a project in the company and includes all the objectives to be achieved by the team. It needs to be updated periodically according to the needs of each area and goals set by the company.

Among the main functions, planning ahead improves the way to convey messages to employees. It also helps to define what are the best strategies to keep employees engaged and productive throughout the year.

Main trends for 2020

Through communication planning, it is possible to innovate and leverage the company's results. For this, it is necessary to be attentive to market news and, mainly, to technological advances. With that in mind, SuaTV brings together the main news and trends in internal communication for the year 2020. Check out:

The employee is likely to stop being a content producer only and become a relationship mediator, transforming the corporate environment as a channel for transmitting information, planning definitions and strategies and disseminating company values.

The focus of the strategies is the customer. All company actions, plans and strategies will be customer-oriented. It is necessary to understand what is your need and how it behaves in the market to create appropriate and accurate strategies.

Video marketing
People today are consuming more and more video content and the tendency is that they are increasingly present in the corporate day-to-day. Institutional videos can enrich the programming of your corporate TV and help you to further engage employees and even your consumer.

Design thinking
Design thinking is an approach that seeks to solve problems where people come to be at the center of product development. Combining design thinking with internal marketing will help you to accelerate the strategic processes of managers. The tool assists in the processes to address problems and propose solutions with innovation and transformation in the company.

Technological progress
Communicating better and faster is a necessity for everyone in the company, both internal communication with employees and external communication with customers. With technological advances, tools such as artificial intelligence and big data will allow more assertive content and information with employees according to the projects in each area.

Good internal communication helps the company to transmit information to employees with transparency, ensuring better efficiency and productivity of the team and difference in the overall results of the team.

If you haven't started investing in internal communication yet, it's time to take advantage of the main trends and put them into practice in 2020, ensuring an improvement in the company's indicators.

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