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Google prepares app to compete with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Google is working on a new messaging app. Unlike other attempts by the company, this service will be aimed at companies and will compete with Slack and Microsoft Teams, according to sources heard by The Information.

The platform, which is already being tested among company employees, will be part of the G Suite. It will include features from services like Gmail, Drive and Hangouts, but apparently it will not have integration with Calendar.

Also according to The Information, efforts are already being made to attract companies to the new service. The CEO of Google's cloud division, Thomas Kurian, reportedly presented the app during a conference held a few days ago for the sales team and partners.

There is still no information about the name and expected release of the new tool. It is also unclear how it will affect other company apps, or for which G Suite plans it will be available when it becomes official.

At the moment, the app would be undergoing internal testing at Google, initially presented by Thomas Kurian, director of Google Cloud, earlier this month. However, it has not been revealed how long this beta period will last until the platform is released to external users.

After Allo, Duo and Hangouts Meet, this is yet another attempt by Google to score messaging apps. When turning to the professional environment, the company will need to face Slack and Microsoft Teams, which have more than 10 million users each.

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