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Employee Experience: learn why it's important to value your employee

It is common to see entrepreneurs and managers demanding good service from their sales teams, but without taking care of the quality of life and development of employees.

Before taking any action outside the organization, it is essential to look inside. An organization is made by people and for people, therefore, it does not make sense to invest in marketing or sales actions, without first investing in people.

Some professionals already know that Customer Experience has a fundamental role in the success of a business, but few analyze how the Employee Experience (employee experience) interferes with the satisfaction of the end customer.

Employee Experience is a set of variables that happen in the employee's journey and that aims to create a positive work environment. Some factors such as inspiring leadership, alignment with the company's culture, sharing clear objectives and valuing employee growth are key points for this experience to happen.

When I bring this concept to the small and medium entrepreneur it is like hearing that this is for large companies and that they are unable to develop this culture focused on people. But, this is a mistake, since small actions can generate greater satisfaction, engagement and a good atmosphere for the work environment.

How can a small business work with Employee Experience?

- Having a culture focused on people
- Know your collaborators' dreams and support
- Have development and training policies and practices
- Set goals and value your team's deliveries
- Have a variable remuneration policy based on your reality
- Think of a flexible workday
- Offer health care
- Create weekly alignment meetings and recognize good work

What are the advantages of valuing the employee?
According to the Great Place to Work ranking of 2019 (best companies to work for) once stimulated, people tend to stay at work.

Companies that invest in employee experience are more profitable, the institute's benchmarks are R $ 40 million more profitable. Happy, self-confident employees are 12% more productive, according to the University of Warwick.

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