Internal Digital Communications

Digital vs Internal communications

Digital is transforming the world around us. It is impacting the way we shop, the way we work, the way we share elements of our personal lives and the way we meet people.

It’s also changing the way companies market themselves, and it’s changing the way businesses communicate with their employees.

Internal communication is a method that has always been used. Businesses have always used it within their company. But it has not been at the forefront when it came to focusing on time or budget. 

Now that digital is taking over our world especially within workforces, the main question is: How is it replacing internal communications? 


Encouraging employees

By embracing digital technology and online media, businesses can get rid of any communication barriers. By doing this, they can increase transparency, connect employees and give company communications a two-way channel.

Enabling employees to have a voice in the workplace helps them to feel empowered and this indicates that they are all individuals that play a huge role in the output of the company.

By allowing content to be created for the people, this builds a culture of positive brand ambassadors. Having different brand ambassadors with different views and opinions can promote motivation and productivity within the firm. Also, it enables each employee's voice to be heard. 


Live news and updates 

We all would like to have a nice-looking magazine to hold in our hands, but when you think about how long it takes to print one copy it can be time-consuming. 

One positive aspect of using digital within internal communications is that you can share live news and updates with your employees as they happen. if the company needs to send out immediate news, they can do it using digital platforms. 

For example using digital platforms like Slack, Jive or Yammer and constantly keeping digital screens updated means that your team will always be notified on any new information that you upload.


Different forms of content

Usually, internal communications come in the form of text, whether that’s through a magazine, newsletter or email. Using digital platforms and apps allows you to a whole host of content types to get your message across 

Visual content is proven to be more engaging than written text. External communications regularly use multimedia to inform their audience and drive traffic and sales. Internal communications should be no different, as you simply want to keep your people engaged and contributing to conversations.

Targeting long-distance audience

It's not unusual for companies to have offices around the country and in some cases around the world. Using traditional print media makes internal communications not straightforward, especially when you need staff distributing magazines globally.

With digital communication, employees can log in to your hub or app from anywhere in the world. Having the ability to receive real-time information can transform internal communications



Digital is transforming internal communications in numerous ways, and there are so many benefits in using online communications to engage with your audience. This helps to boost productivity and encourage two-way conversations.

However, digital communication can have some difficulties. For example, employees can not always be on their phone and laptop every second. The solution is to keep print in the mix and to regularly assess your audience and the platforms that will work best for your company and its employees. 

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