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Digital Transformation: What are the benefits of this process for companies?

Digital transformation is already a reality in the corporate market. Increasingly, companies are connected and using technology to accelerate performance, streamline processes and ensure better results. According to Gartner estimates, by 2020 there will be more than 26 billion devices connected, but the projection is 50 billion.

Companies are increasingly open to startups because they are realizing that in order to operate in an increasingly competitive market, they need to improve their processes and productivity.

What benefits does digital transformation bring to businesses?

Process Optimization

One of the key benefits of technology is that it facilitates and automates business processes. Thus, employees do not have to worry about repetitive tasks, which are usually bureaucratic and tiring, time consuming and difficult to productivity. An efficient way to improve these processes is to use smart platforms, usually created by technology companies and startups.

Productivity increase

By automating processes and adopting technologies strategically, the company ensures greater productivity for employees. This is because professionals no longer have to worry about tasks that have been automated and can focus on issues that are most important to the business, which are really strategic points.

Dramatic decrease in human error or fraud

Manual refund processes are usually quite bureaucratic. Both company and employee are exposed to human error throughout the duration of the process. The automation of these activities has a direct impact on employees' routine optimization, reducing the possibility of errors and frauds, as well as helping to alleviate the bureaucracy involved in the process.
Cost reduction

When used correctly, technology helps the company reduce costs and eliminate waste so as not to compromise the company's finances. It is possible to reduce expenses with manual errors, incorrect investments and even hiring new professionals to perform manual tasks.

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