Internal Digital Communications

10 Tips for Good Internal Communication

1. Listening to employees
It is important to have all the views about the company, especially those employees who deal directly with the external public.

2. Improve the environment
Make the work environment light so that employees feel well and welcomed and have interaction between sectors to bring more stimulation, thus strengthening the entire team.

3. Information for external audiences
All information passed to the company's external public should be aligned in advance to everyone in the company. This is because it is important that employees are educated and prepared so that they do not risk being caught by surprise. Remember: The more informed you are, the more fit you will be and the more you will feel part of the company.

4. Perform teamwork
Two heads are better than one and this rule holds here. The collective attracts different views and motivates employees. Therefore, it is extremely valid to promote and encourage teamwork and action.

5. Integration of new employees
Whenever new employees arrive, it is essential to make them fully understand the company culture. Keeping them informed of everything that happens within the organization will make integration happen naturally and no one will feel isolated or out of context.

6. Internal Events
New Year, Carnival, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and many other commemorative dates throughout the year. These events can and should be celebrated within companies. It is an instrument to promote integration between teams. It is essential that employees are engaged in internal projects and that communication is impacted. Internal and external events are fundamental to new knowledge and interactions.

7. Endomarketing
It is the internal marketing of the organization. It is carried out through actions that aim to improve the company's engagement and image in the employees' view. This ends up impacting team motivation and reducing turnover.

8. Management by sectors
Having management over all areas is very important to control what happens within the company and their actions. The manager must act as a leader, organizing the environment and motivating his team.

9. Murals, suggestion box, intranet, newsletter
These and other resources may serve as good alternatives for disclosing internal information. In addition to being means for everyone to be connected.

10. Communication Tools
Providing an official chat platform for communication between everyone in the company is essential. Communication shortens distances and creates practicality. Thus, the time we optimize gives us more possibilities to improve productivity.

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