What characteristics of people management are essential to success? Part 1

People management is a guarantee that all employees' needs will be met, at the same time that the corporate goals are met.

It is responsible for ensuring that employees are satisfied and have the ability to perform their duties. Therefore, the main characteristics of people management are:

- participation;
- training;
- involvement;
- development.

The area of ​​people management has several important functions to balance the body of a company.

Some of its commitments are to disseminate and sustain organizational culture, improve internal processes and develop professional development plans.

However, many people confuse their functions with other HR team assignments, such as those related to the personal department - which performs activities such as admission and dismissal of employees, makes salary payments, 13th.

So, as you could tell, the personal department deals with bureaucratic and labor issues of the company, focusing on profit for the business.

Meanwhile, people management aims to effectively manage the professionals, goods and services of the organization.

Do you properly make that distinction on your team? Each one's work is essential to the company and can add value to the processes.

Check out the key features of managing people and how it impacts your business!

What are the main functions of people management?

Personnel management manages the internal team and its activities make up the various areas of the organization.

Its objective is to manage and assist the company in its administrative activities, personal development and interpersonal relationship.

This sector plays a key role in hiring and promoting employees. Therefore, its main tasks are:

- dissemination and maintenance of organizational culture;
- constant improvement of internal processes;
- encouraging employees to gain knowledge with internal or external courses;
- conducting training and development;
- integration among the internal sectors;
- conflict resolution among employees;
- selection of the most qualified professionals for each position;
- analysis and description of positions;
- planning and administration of positions and salaries;
- recruitment, selection, admission and dismissal of employees;
- orientation and integration of new employees;
- talent retention plan;
- performance evaluation.

How do the characteristics of people management impact business?

People management plays a crucial role in the professional development of employees and, consequently, in ensuring good business results.

Therefore, it has four main characteristics, which are characterized by the participation, capacity, involvement and development of the company's human capital.

It is up to the industry to manage people to humanize the corporation.

This has become increasingly important as a number of changes have taken place in the marketplace, imposing new forms of management.

In this way, companies needed to bet on new management models to achieve the necessary level of competence, keeping their employees satisfied and motivated.


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