Uber Works: Company Launches Temporary Jobs LinkedIn

After creating a popular urban transport app and launching one for food delivery, Uber is now preparing to launch another app this week, only this time focused on helping to connect temporary workers with businesses.

The new Uber Works will initially be available only in Chicago (USA), where the tool has been running for a year. To this end, the mobility giant is partnering with employment agencies, which will be responsible for the selection, verification, payroll and taxes.

Although there are still no details on how Uber Works works, it is already known that through the application, workers will be able to access the schedule, time, salary and requirements of each job.

According to Uber, the solution may offer faster forms of hiring and will improve the experience for companies and jobseekers.

"We believe a new approach to technology can provide faster and easier ways for people to get work, as well as provide a better understanding of the many job opportunities that exist - improving the experience of workers and companies," the company posted on its official blog. .

Plans to expand Uber Works operations have not yet been announced.

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