These are the behavioral skills you should hone by 2020.

One of the maxims in the work dynamic is that a person is hired for a technical reason and fired by a behavioral. This perception, which is almost a business proverb, makes a lot of sense: with greater competitiveness, who gets the best relationship gets ahead

And which aspects will be most valued by companies? According to a survey by Robert Half, the trend is that, by 2022, the most demanded skills in hiring professionals are: business vision (51% of leaders opinion), strategic thinking (48%), leadership (48%) and adaptability (42%).

But it is already possible to develop other skills beyond these from next year. Based on the 2020 Wage Guide, the recruitment company highlighted the 10 most desired behavioral characteristics of companies:

1) Good communication:
What it is: The ability to communicate well is the key for professionals to work seamlessly with the business. It is essential that they can translate technical issues from their areas to different audiences, from staff to the company's CEO, as well as external audiences. Efficient communication is also one of the bases for being a good manager.

2) Good interpersonal relationship
What it is: This is an essential skill, as the professional needs to move through various areas. For there to be interaction between departments, employees from different sectors need to relate well. Teams attuned to organizational objectives relate harmoniously to achieve good results in their areas and in the company as a whole.

3) Dynamism
What it is: Dynamic employees have the ability to think quickly and can do more tasks faster and faster than others. This enhances your productivity and your results. This ability to handle multiple demands simultaneously is a major competitive differentiator, especially in an era where things happen fast and companies need to achieve greater operational efficiency and learn to do more with less.

4) English Language Domain
What it is: It seems like a repetitive subject, but most professionals still don't speak a second language. Speaking English is essential, as companies are increasingly connected globally and professionals who can speak or understand another language, as well as expand their knowledge, can improve their position or salary.

5) Flexibility
What it is: Good professionals know that circumstances change quickly and you need to be able to adapt at the same speed. It is important not to be afraid to change course and also learn how to take advantage of a situation that seems lost.

6) Hands on
What it is: This is the professional who puts his hands in the dough, does it together and deepens his activities. Your mind is open to absorb new knowledge. Being productive and participating in the execution of work is the best way to maximize your deliveries for the benefit of the entire team.

7) Results oriented
What it is: It is the ability of a professional to focus on achieving the company's goals and thus ensuring that results are achieved as expected. It also makes it possible to drive the growth of other team professionals, because shared knowledge contributes to the results to be achieved throughout the organization.

8) Multidisciplinary Profile
What it is: It is a hybrid professional who applies knowledge from other areas in the industry in which he specializes, even if it is not necessarily his education. He has a systemic view of the business and seeks knowledge on his own, in open courses, specializations, lectures and workshops, for example.

9) Sense of owner
What it is: Today companies are looking for professionals who embrace projects responsibly and motivated by an entrepreneur. It is necessary to have an active attitude to present solutions that can enable or facilitate the exercise of the activity and, especially, to expand the business together with the company.

10) Business Vision
What it is: Having a clear awareness of where the business is headed is essential to being successful. A clear vision of the future comes along with the ability to take the necessary steps to get there. You have to look beyond business, but this is a complex and engaging exercise. These professionals combine strong determination with a desire to grow.

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