Sustainability must be a concern of the Human Resources sector!

What does the Human Resources sector have to do with sustainability? All! Nowadays, the area is no longer a personal department, but is ensuring business development, making companies reach their goals.

If you look at the current scenario, few companies ignore the relevance of this theme. Organizations can be found at different stages of maturity in relation to sustainability and the Human Resources sector. But one thing is certain: there is no way to develop an economic activity without considering the social and environmental impacts.

Therefore, the human resources professional will face the need to deal directly with sustainability. If you really want to understand the relationship between them, read this post very carefully!

Why should sustainability be a human resources concern?

The role of the Human Resources sector is critical to sustainability because people make all the difference. In the corporate world, it is not enough for the company to have environmental certifications or social labels: it is also necessary to maintain them!

Therefore, the organization must be sustainable every day; to think from the material-saving process to supporting the local community.

Thus, sustainability should be a concern of the Human Resources area, because it will help to change people's habits.

They need to adhere to sustainability and become responsible for the company's resources by participating in the actions promoted by the organization and charging for them to become effective.

What initiatives promote sustainability?

There are several initiatives that promote sustainability in companies. Among them, we can mention:

- Eliminate the use of paper;
- Scan files;
- Replace plastic utensils;
- Invest in e-learning;
- Contribute to urban mobility through home office and transportation benefits;
- Make professionals aware of the conscious use of resources;
- Create quality of life promotion programs.

It is also important to talk about diversity. This is a hotly debated issue regarding gender balance and guaranteeing equal rights for women. However, it goes beyond and reaches people with disabilities, blacks and LGBTs.

Corporate social responsibility also passes through the Human Resources sector and is well known to most professionals working in the area. However, those who are responsible for managing people and monitoring their daily lives cannot always see how it is related to sustainability.

What to do to develop the concept of sustainability in companies?

Understand what sustainability is

Many organizations are far from understanding what sustainability really is about. They still do not understand that it is not enough to just create jobs or sell products and services!

Something must be done to change the reality of the local population, the company itself and the employees.

Raise awareness of leaders

Leaders must be committed to the issue and understand that you cannot make money from the sacrifice of the planet.

The concept of sustainability must permeate the planning of executives. There are companies that link variable compensation to the achievement of goals in this direction, for example.

Make sustainability an important part of the company

Being sustainable is not just investing in social actions or projects on time. Sustainability must be a daily commitment of the company.

All employees - from the head of general services to the company president - need to understand that they are important in this process.

See how sustainability should be a concern of the Human Resources sector? Now that you know, how about developing sustainable activities in the company you operate? Think about it and make your department more sustainable!

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