Resume is still the main source of candidate information

The good old resume is still the main source of information for screening candidates in selective processes, being cited by 77% of respondents in a new poll done by Kenoby's recruiting and recruiting startup.

According to the survey, which interviewed more than 2,618 leading executives in the area in the first half of this year, social networks are the main channel for publicizing vacancies, cited by 70%, followed by employability portals with 32%, and in tools with 10%.

In addition, according to the study, which interviewed professionals from segments such as technology, retail and education, the main networks used for this are LinkedIn (57%), Facebook (27%) and Instagram (8%).

Another point raised in the interview has to do with the practice of providing feedback to candidates after job interviews: 46% said they used to do this, 35% only to candidates enrolled in the selection process, while 15% said they did not.

Finally, it is worth highlighting one of the crucial points of the research, which is about the assertiveness index of the company's recruitment. Forty-two (42%) of the respondents said that it was good, (26%) it was average (17%) regular, (10%) excellent, (4%) bad and (1%) bad.

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