Process and people management: how to organize?

We know that there are many cases of companies that have suffered labor lawsuits due to mismanagement or malfunctioning of process management and people in the company, but this is something that can now be resolved with a few simple steps and techniques.

Having a good management tool is one of the techniques that can help with your company's internal processes. With so many interactions for business process management, a solution is needed that makes it easy to keep track of all actions, helping HR focus its time on activities that generate business value.

The need for records and concern for information security are some of the challenges faced in the area of ​​human resources, and poor management that can endanger the entire organization, right? And just that, put your business at risk that we don't want to happen. If a company has organizational management, it can achieve goals and achieve positive and profitable results, as well as drive people and processes effectively, promoting improvements, creating a collaborative, motivated and conducive to self-development environment.

Create a relationship between employees and managers in the company?

The integration between employees and managers with the human resources and people management areas signals a market behavioral change. The motivation is mutual, since all parties gain from the alignment of internal activities, speed in the execution of processes, economy and technological gain in scale and specialization.

Process Management Automation

Process automation enables the decentralization of functions and the fast delivery of information to employees. The levels of access and approval defined by organizations ensure operational control and process management by the human resources area, with more autonomy, flexibility and agility. The employee has access to important information in one click and from anywhere (quick and easy access), since technology now allows web access with total security.

The method meets the integration trend, whether by reducing costs, ensuring time savings, streamlining procedures or improving the levels of activities performed, and which directly impact the quality of information, an organization's main competitive asset.

Know agile process management
An appropriate workflow tool should ensure control, organize human resources teams and personnel department, and provide visibility and performance indicators to the board. Requirements in labor legislation, such as the need for records and the concern with information security are some of the points favored by the presence of software through Agile Process Management.

One of the routines in the area of ​​personnel that causes a lot of headache for companies that do not invest in the automation of activities is hiring and leaving employees. The deadlines are often not met by companies that do not monitor processes or keep all documentation on paper and this exposes the company to fines and labor lawsuits. The existence of electronic procedures is a factor that simplifies and professionalizes the management of people.

Process Management in Practice
The presence of the process management automation tool, in addition to facilitating and making HR activities safer by reducing costs, allowing the industry to strategically position itself in the company. With a streamlined operational routine, a greater willingness to work on personnel policy becomes apparent, directing and integrating actions with organizational strategic objectives.

Learn how Honda has qualified process management internally: In use since 2012, BPM has provided Honda with greater agility in the internal process, reduced physical document, allowing the company to discover why managing processes is important to companies, as well as enabling measurement of service time and backlog. and also the reduction in time to finalize approvals.

The biggest gain was the traceability of the document with the decreased dependence of the user on the query process. Thus, expediting the search for the document for approval, and for the team, the acceptance was unanimous, the features of BPM.

Deployment Process
In the process of implementation of BPM in the company were identified several processes that needed to improve. Agility, flexibility and reduced paper use were some of the main differentials. Attention was focused on administrative and people management solutions, generating the flows:

- Personnel movement (admission, dismissal, transfer, change of position and salary)
- Mobile Phone Request
- Honda product purchase request
- Assembling groups for internal improvement work
- Complaints booth
- Among others.

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