Automation turns work and what do you have to do with it?

Apr 29, 2019

The new report from Ipsos and the Global Economic and Social Forum highlights how work around the world is changing profoundly. The study provides insight into consumer attitudes as well as the experience and preparation of workers around the world regarding automation. The survey was conducted bet

Sustainability is also with HR

Apr 25, 2019

The Human Resources (HR) area of ​​companies plays a key role in building a more sustainable mindset. During the 2nd Forum of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources (ABRH-Brasil) Sustainability, Theunis Marinho, president of the Association explained that it is "the human resources profess

Artificial Intelligence does not have to cause a legion of unemployed

Apr 18, 2019

It has been a long time since the news about the extinction of professions circulates in a big way in the media. In a 2017 study by the McKinsey Global Institute research institute, 800 million people will lose their jobs to automation by 2030. In addition to this, several other studies are carried

Can Social Networking Boost Your Career Opportunities?

Apr 15, 2019

We all love to use social networks. We used to demonstrate our culinary skills on Instagram, update friends on our travels on Facebook, share dialogues on Twitter. It's fun, easy and keeps us entertained constantly. They are tools present in our everyday life in many ways. It is through them that w

Challenges of HR for 2019: from talent retention to automation

Apr 10, 2019

HR is increasingly a key sector within companies. By dealing directly with the talents of the organization, the area is directly responsible for the training, satisfaction and results obtained by the employees. In the current scenario, the labor market has become even more dynamic, expanding the cha