Leadership and management of people: the challenges and importance in relationships

How many managers do you know that still do not have professional success?

One of the most common mistakes in the professional life of many people is to believe that just be competent to be successful.

Being able to perform functions with excellence is, yes, fundamental. But realize, whether you want that career break or a path of leadership and management, you need to know how to deal with people.

Although we are used to living in society at an early age, for many people to relate to others is still a challenge.

Within a company, this is even more complex, since not everyone has a common interest.

The truth, however, is that it is with co-workers that we spend most of our day and perform tasks, we exchange ideas and information.

Good leadership and people management should be able to maintain a good working environment where the fellowship is enjoyable for the team.

But after all, is there a difference between leadership and people management?

The two areas are complementary, but there are subtle differences between them. The management of people generally handles all the human resources of a company.

Its objective ranges from recruiting, contracting to team training, to coaching.

Increasingly, the area has been considered strategic for business as it is the gateway to talents, or as you've heard it: the most important assets!

Once admitted, it is up to managers in each area to receive these talents and continue the process of aligning the company's goals with the highest expectations of the professionals.

But if this is just a people manager, by itself, this is not enough to keep people and teams engaged and integrated.

If on a daily basis the professionals are not motivated, all efforts will have been in vain.

This is where the leading role of the leader comes in.

- A good leader must be able to understand the aspirations of each talent and motivate his team to achieve the goals of the company.

- It should inspire trust and respect, providing that pleasurable work environment I mentioned at the beginning of the text.

- In general, leadership positions should be filled by people who are very well trained and able to understand and value others.

- Among the skills of good leaders are the ability to infect others, positive energy, and enthusiasm.

And how to ensure good leadership and people management?
By talking to each other, the two areas must be in tune. A manager also needs to be an effective leader.

For those who want to pursue a career in leadership and people management, it is important to start soon, working the desirable qualities for the position.

It is often required that the postulants to assume leadership positions need first of all to become aware of their potentialities and weaknesses.

For companies, it is essential that they create conditions that encourage talent to become a leader.

Everyone-the organization, leaders, and team members-tends to win when there is full alignment and engagement in pursuit of a common goal.

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