HR and Financial Services

Some business areas tend to be more expensive than others. Although the development of subprograms is not analyzed, according to the study, the management and human resources (HR) aspects that ensure the development of your information in digital environments.

An Oracle software company and MIT Technology Review surveyed 700 executives from around the world working in the finance, HR and IT policy areas. Data set is critical to the development of a cloud collaboration system. In this way, businesses can thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

The findings were published in a paper entitled “Finance and Human Resources: A Powerful New Cloud Partnership”. The authors of the paper find themselves as organizations implementing shared finance and human resources programs because they are a critical component of successful new transformation initiatives. The man has to stand out:

Collaboration between departments
Associations were forced to develop an integral and transdisciplinary vision that combines financial and human management information. You may be able to get collaboration mechanisms that enable you to develop goals and strategies. In addition, 46% of respondents believe that a fully deployed cloud system increases agility and simplifies the processes performed in both departments.

Knowledge Sharing
Database and workspace processes can be found in all department-related information. A cloud system that integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and a human resource management (HCM) tool can improve communication and teamwork.

In contrast, cloud systems simplify extensive procedures by allowing employees to update their information, participate in labor climate assessments, and promote recognition through a cloud platform. If you are able to make the flexibility that all employees want.

Productivity increase
Most of the previous research aimed to carry out strategic and priority activities as a result of applying a fully integrated cloud platform that enables you to identify your most urgent activities. Process automation allows customers to work on more advanced activities and chefs can do more regularly and regularly.

"How people are at the heart of business success and we are seeing the investments and financial resources leading the way in cloud transformation initiatives," said Steve Cox, vice president of ERP & EPM, Oracle. This is not possible for the evaluation of the human system and the productivity of their employees.

In conclusion, the automation and implementation of a comprehensive business management system has been gaining traction in HR departments, and work on leaders has been more relevant. These systems combine the guidance needed to seize market opportunities and talent retention and management mechanisms to create a productive organizational culture.

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