How to improve communication and avoid problems?

Stress in a professional environment is something that affects the daily lives of many people, does not it?

There are several factors that intensify this problem and many of them are directly related to communication.

Perhaps the clearest example of a highly stressful situation at work, and that has everything to do with communication, is the famous unproductive meeting, which sucks time and energy from leaders and leaders. However, flaws in a company's internal communication go far beyond meetings and can have serious consequences on running and corporate income.

In this article, We have separated some of the reasons why inefficient communication makes work more stressful within a company. 

- Delay in executing and completing projects

The difficulty of finding information needed to perform tasks is one of the most serious and recurring problems when there is no good internal communication in the company. This leads to a greater delay in the completion of projects, which directly impacts the income of sectors and organizations as a whole.

Clarity to convey goals and objectives should be a skill of leaders so that the expected results can be achieved. At the same time, the dialogue between leaders needs to be optimized.

- Difficulties in dialoguing with clients

An indispensable part of the corporate sector is the ability to win new customers and retain loyalty. For this to happen, the dialogue between company professionals and such clients needs, yes or no, to be effective.

And not only in the stage of the negotiation itself, but of the attention to the customer and the so-called after-care, which is given after the completion of a purchase.

A company that does not have good internal communication will hardly have it with its customers. Because? For a number of reasons, the main one being the discourse discrepancy between professionals, who, in the same negotiation, can offer the client completely different information. Aligning this speech is imperative.

- Higher incidence of misunderstandings and noises in communication

Misuse of communication tools is one of the most explicit symptoms of poor internal communication within a company.

Today, with social networks and a variety of messaging applications, there are many ways in which professionals from the same company can communicate. However, in order for there to be noises in this communication, it is necessary to standardize these tools and ensure that the information reaches all - and unchanged.

When this does not happen, there is undoubtedly a greater incidence of misunderstandings, which lead to internal and external problems.

- Long and low assertive meetings

I mentioned, at the beginning of our conversation, long and unassertive meetings. Encounters of this type are among the most recurring complaints of professionals who are part of the corporate universe.

Well, it turns out that long, unclear meetings are also symptoms of poorly-communicated internal communication! When there is efficacy in this communication, the meeting is clear of goals, timed, and can actually be a space of exchange between co-workers, leaders and leaders.

- Obstacles to preventing and managing internal crises

If we start talking about crisis management, one of the central pillars is communication. For this reason, internal noise is a barrier to crisis prevention and, at the same time, an obstacle to its management.

To prevent and overcome a crisis, teamwork is a differential. And without effective dialogue between colleagues, leaders and leaders, it is VERY difficult for this team to function and achieve results and problems.

How to improve the internal communication of a company?

We have already seen some of the many problems that ineffective internal communication entails for a company, but what do you do to avoid such problems?

In order to improve internal functioning, leaders and leaders need to boost their own communication and at the same time develop that ability as a team. Speaking courses aimed at companies is one of the ways to achieve these improvements and avoid the problems we speak of in this article.

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