Best strategies for digital recruitment and selection

  • Sep 02, 2019
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Finding qualified professionals is a big challenge for companies in general, and for HR managers in particular. Selecting the ideal employee, one who truly fits the organization's profile and still has the specifications to meet the demands of the job, represents a great differential.

With the digital evolution and the emergence of different technological tools, new HR management practices have been developed, which really contributes to the processes of selection and recruitment of employees.

Check out below 6 strategies that the HR manager can use to perform digital recruitment and recruitment!

Online monitoring tools

Through these online tools, the HR manager will be able to discover both the profile of the consumer and the professional that works in the job market. He can identify the goals and desires of each professional, what he expects from a company, how he sees his career, and how he fits the organizational culture of the company.

The online tools also allow you to analyze the behavior of the candidates to confirm if they really fit the company profile. This is one of the major problems that companies face today: employees with behaviors that conflict with the mission and values ‚Äč‚Äčadvocated by the organization as a whole.

Digital recruitment and remote screening

It is possible to carry out remote selective processes via internet. Conducting selective processes in this way offers more flexibility to the candidates and the company, since there will be no concern, for example, with rigid shifts and schedules.

In addition, with the selection and digital recruitment, time is gained and expenses are reduced.

The behavioral mapping

Digital tools also allow you to conduct behavioral mapping of the candidate. Thus, it is possible for the HR manager to compare the candidate's behavioral tendencies to the company's expectations. The more similar the two parties, the greater the possibilities of hiring and success in carrying out the activities of the position.

The use of social networks

The digital age is directly linked to the use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Through these media, the manager can create different ways of publicizing the organization, the benefits it offers and the job vacancies offered.

By using social networks for the selection and recruitment process, you can also access each candidate's profile to confirm information and ask questions.

In this way, there is a greater chance of getting right in the choice, selecting professionals who are in keeping with the company culture.

Use of content to attract qualified applicants

In addition to social networking, it is possible to take advantage of blogs and websites to make a selection and recruitment more targeted. The manager should develop creative and interesting content for the purpose of attracting talented professionals to work in the company.

The work consists of integrating the various forms of digital communication, including posts, e-books, infographics, videos, events, images, audios and other resources that are shared and reach a growing audience.

The goal of this strategy is to have good content and flow of agile and flexible information, which can be easily accessed, and to keep the communication channel always active.

Hiring management software

By having a management software, the HR department can select the best professionals with more agility and efficiency.

Some features of a management software are:

- Easy accessibility to candidates' curricula;

- It is not necessary to use spreadsheets and forms;

- Optimization of information and interview schedule

- Scheduling of visits.

By using management software, the HR manager can certainly make a selection / recruitment efficient and in a short time.

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