9 Tools That Make Any Professional's Routine Easier

Unsurprisingly, the smartphone has become an ally for both practical life issues and optimizing the work routine. With the right application, you can quickly and easily solve tasks that could unnecessarily “lock in” the routine.

However, it is also true that it is not any activity that can be done on the palm. Jobs that require closer analysis or advanced editing really call for help from a notebook or desktop.

Thinking of bringing efficient and realistic tips, we have separated some applications that have the potential to be hands-on in tasks that are easy to perform by smartphone. Check out:

To manage emails


For a $ 30 monthly fee, Superhuman promises to deliver "the fastest email experience ever created." Among the features of the platform is the automatic opening of the calendar if the user enters a date or the possibility to pre-format some messages. Designed for people who spend the day involved with senders and recipients. Plus, it ensures that people can search their inbox up to twice as fast.


Boomerang is an extension to the Gmail email service that, in the paid version, helps you identify whether or not a recipient has opened the sent message. The feature can be very useful for lead nurturing or knowing if an important subject has not yet been read.


ProtonMail, built in Switzerland, has a number of security features, such as end-to-end encryption, VPN, and two-factor authentication. All free. It even has features like sending secret messages and setting to "self-destruct" messages that you wanted to delete after a while.

To get organized


With a free trial, the platform enables you to streamline project management work with features such as resource management software, process planning, and time tracking for task execution.

Google Keep

The strength of Google Keep is its availability on virtually every screen, from computer to smartphone. With functions such as recording reminders, lists, and notes, it helps a lot for those who always have to write about parallel subjects and wants to concentrate all notes in one easily accessible place.


Focused on meeting management, GotoMeeting allows you to schedule and record video conferences with up to 25 participants. It also has features like document sharing and annotations.

For time management

Google Calendar

In addition to the more obvious function of making appointments, Google Calendar has other features that greatly optimize dating. For example, you can select from within your settings a time limit to include in meetings - useful for those who have off-hours appointments.
Each meeting booked via 'Agenda' has a video conference link and it is also possible to use a plugin that shows the time zone of other countries. Very valuable feature for meeting with global teams.


With free and paid plans, Slack comes out on top as a corporate messaging tool, as well as friendly chat features (making it easy to use on your smartphone), allowing you to exchange files and create channels, which are internal groups dedicated to discussing a particular topic.


Known for its easy and efficient process for organizing tasks, Trello is great for both listing each team member's activities and for organizing multi-phase projects. And its use is simple even on mobile devices.

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