3 difficulties of every HR manager

  • Aug 07, 2019
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Like the other sectors of an organization, the HR department is faced with constant challenges that, although difficult, are responsible for a great deal of the learning of professionals in this sector.

The origins of these difficulties faced by these professionals may be the most varied. This is because it is a sector that has experienced great changes nowadays and also has to deal with the instability of working directly with employees.

Although common, the existence of some of these difficulties can be extremely harmful to a business. Therefore, we list here some of the most common difficulties for this department but which should also have been overcome by HR managers.

Change from operational to strategic

We do not even need to cite the number of HR managers who go through major hurdles during the transition from operational to strategic. This is because unfortunately few HR professionals have the skills to make that transition.

The entry of strategic HR into the market is still recent but extremely necessary. Companies that have abandoned operations now have a large competitive edge in the market once the HR department has become part of the business strategy.

In this way, human resources departments that are still purely operational are increasingly at a disadvantage and can compromise the organization's success.

Despite all this, there is no secret. The transition from operational HR to strategic HR is not easy and requires hard work. In order for it to be well done, it is necessary for the department to carry out various research, training, professional training and even new hires, if necessary.

The biggest problem of still having this difficulty is that it jeopardizes the whole future of a business, since strategic HR is no longer an option but a requirement. For this reason, HR managers must work hard to overcome it.

Data interpretation and metrics tracking

Data interpretation and metrics tracking comes as an ally to the human resources department's strategies. These are the ones responsible for running a strategic HR of success.

After a transition from an operational to strategic department, HR professionals use some tools that facilitate management by generating important data. These data can be the most diverse as index of turnover, levels of engagement, productivity, organizational climate, etc. Thus, the key to maintaining good management lies in the monitoring and interpretation of these data for the planning of future strategies.

A manager who has difficulty interpreting data and does not follow department metrics is unable to perform an efficient management. For this reason, this difficulty should have been overcome by these professionals. If it has not been, run after injury and put your hand in the dough!

Leadership development and team development

We know that one of the important requirements for team development within a company is competent leadership. This means that team development depends on some form of leadership development and it depends on the help of an HR department that can improve.

The benefits of this development are, in most cases, perceived only in the long run. However, they are extremely significant for the growth of any business.

For this reason, an HR manager with leadership and team development difficulties ends up hampering the smooth running of an organization's entire system. The good news is that it is never too late to overcome obstacles. So research, seek knowledge, and learn to make your HR more and more effective.

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