10 Human Resources trends that stood out in 2019

Next year promises to be a lot of growth and big trends for the Recruitment and Selection segment. In times when companies are looking for resources to overcome the economic and political crisis and to become more competitive in a fierce market dictated by digitization, there is a wealth of news that aims to make their processes more business aligned, more profitable and dynamics. The same must occur with Human Resources and its divisions - as is also the case with Recruitment and Selection.

In the last decades, Human Resources has gone from being a peripheral and operational sector in companies to being a strategic sector, with a weight in the decisions of any corporation, not only for helping to compose an organic structure, such as organizational culture, and giving support for other people management demands - such as training, career planning, etc., but also to develop ways to capture the best talent and make the brand grow in the market.

In this perspective, every year, there are new innovations, trends, new approaches and resources that optimize the Human Resources segment, giving companies more conditions to differentiate themselves and optimize their processes, since HR actions affect all other sectors . Here are 10 Human Resource trends that should succeed in 2019 and prepare your strategies!

1) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies are technologies that increasingly make up the productive routine of companies and have changed people's behavior. With the great flow of information that companies are facing today - which should intensify even more in the coming years - these state-of-the-art digital technologies and technologies help Human Resources make more assertive decisions.

An example of the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the industry are the intelligent Recruitment and Selection routines, where optimized software makes more suitable data cross-referencing and data mining based on the announcement of vacancies, registered résumés and professional profile , presenting the best indications and results, either for the recruiting company or for the candidate who seeks vacancies with the same profile.

The system with Artificial Intelligence as a base can also indicate improvements and relate competencies or characteristics to a given profile, expand the possibilities of the company to learn from the very dynamics of Recruitment and Selection.

2) Behavioral Profile

Behavioral profiles are an increasingly necessary tool in the Recruitment and Selection processes and are a strong trend for 2019. There are several methodologies for composing behavioral profiles, application and measurement on the market.

It is up to the company to choose personality tests and behavioral profiles scientifically validated - noting that not all are. The behavioral profile presents details that many times in other selection tools can not get and highlights aspects that often neither the candidate knows about itself.

3) Contracting on demand

The labor market is increasingly diversified in its relations and possibilities of optimization of the productive routine. Concepts such as remote work and flexible work make it possible to develop different relationships between companies and employees, which are much more dynamic and productive. It is also possible to do on-demand hiring, especially in companies that work by project - all with specific deadlines and specific responsibilities, either by remote work or allocated in the company.

On-demand hiring can reduce Human Resource costs, boost better results for specific demands and empower teams by hiring temporary professionals, who can add expertise to projects.

4) Digital RH

The so-called digital RH is the result of a phenomenon that is occurring all over the world: the so-called digital transformation, of which we have already spoken here on the blog - click on the link. The constant use of technology to obtain the best results in all Recruitment and Selection divisions is not new, since in the last two decades there have been great advances in the segment. But among the trends for 2019 is the even more effective use of digital technologies.

Now the industry has mobile applications for point and access control, information about the worker and his routine, dissemination of job advertisements by different digital means and high reach, uses systems with integration of information about the company and its employees through cloud computing - giving real-time data access to callers, direct communication with employees and candidates through chats, message applications and other digital devices, and more.

The intensive use of digital technologies applied to the Human Resources context not only allows for more profit, information control and agility for the HR routine, but also ensures a positive experience for your specialists, company employees and candidates who want be part of it.

5) Automation

Having mentioned Digital HR as a trend for the sector in 2019, it should be said that HR routines are increasingly automated thanks to information technology. There are several functions and routines, especially those of an operational nature, which are automated through intelligent software, such as point registration, payroll, recruitment and selection management, recruitment productivity kpi's, announcement of vacancies in the configured media, among other functions.

This indicates that the company can obtain real-time information for better decision-making, dedicate more time to other routines and demands and control human errors and failures, for example. Process automation is a reality in many industries and productive activities, and the trend for 2019 is for this to intensify in Human Resources.

6) Gamification

The use of digital games and simulation is among the trends of Human Resources 2019. The concept aims to stimulate healthy competition among employees and is used as a tool for training and corporate learning in various contexts. It can also be used in selective tests, as it evaluates skills and behavior of employees and candidates. It can be a way of emphasizing aspects of the organizational culture that must be understood. Gamification can be used on online and offline training platforms, quizzes and other resources.

7) Agile methods in HR

Agile methods are among the most needed trends for Human Resources 2019. These methodologies are very common in the technological areas and now arrive with force in Human Resources. This is the case of Scrum, a framework widely used in IT project management that can be used in the process of developing HR routines with more agility, flexibility and responsiveness, still adapting to market changes. The model can also be used in the recruitment of talents better suited to the desired profile in more dynamic Recruitment and Selection processes.

8) Blind selection

Among the trends of Human Resources 2019 that stand out most is blind selection. This method consists of prioritizing in the selective processes the professional and human aspects of the candidates regardless of gender, age, social class and other aspects that may be an unconscious discrimination of the recruiter in the initial recruitment process. 

9) Employee experience between trends for 2019

Just as there is a customer experience in marketing, among the HR trends for 2019 is the employee's experience as an important differential for the segment. The idea is to facilitate and encourage, through specific strategies, the contact between employees and teams, multifocal learning to generate new differentials, interactions based on trust and company values, organizational culture based on diversity and others concepts.

10) Development of employer branding

Investing in employer branding is solidifying the company as an employer. The term is increasingly popularized and takes priority in the Human Resources strategies of companies. 

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