Getting work done with organization’s processes

Aug 20, 2019

Outstanding customer experience is no longer the exception, it’s the expectation from consumers. This means that to remain competitive in your market, you need to continuously manage organizational complexity, and actively identify and act upon opportunities for improvement, there enters Opera

What is leadership 4.0?

Aug 16, 2019

Is Leadership 4.0 a New Concept for You? If so, do not worry, this is a term designed to talk about behaviors that are relevant to leaders in the digital age. Leadership also needs to change, becoming more shared and less hierarchical. But, after all, what is the difference between the 4.0 leadersh

How is the new leadership profile?

Aug 15, 2019

Since the middle of the twentieth century, we have experienced a constant evolution in management models, which were based on hierarchical concepts that used repression and authoritarianism. Soon after the end of the industrial revolution, special-function officials were the most valued, just as dep

How to apply artificial intelligence to human resources?

Aug 14, 2019

The human resources departments of some companies are concerned about a possible replacement of employees with technology. They end up ignoring the fact that innovation in all areas comes to help and optimize. And (why not?) Humanize search results for the best candidates When we use science corre

Organizations and digital transformation: How to do it right?

Aug 09, 2019

I left yesterday to buy a sneaker at a mall near the office. Old need, delayed for months. My tennis is a rag and you can not take two more matches ... It was almost noon. On the way, I saw scooters, yellow bicycles, colorful, and I began to wonder about the fact that maybe I was wasting time, whil

5 Important HR tools

Aug 08, 2019

Align talents to results. This is the great challenge of the future HR and also the motivator of the new tools available in the market, since HR's great goal of the future is to present "technological" tools that facilitate the correct hiring, according to the need and profile of the company. The id

3 difficulties of every HR manager

Aug 07, 2019

Like the other sectors of an organization, the HR department is faced with constant challenges that, although difficult, are responsible for a great deal of the learning of professionals in this sector. The origins of these difficulties faced by these professionals may be the most varied. This is b

How to live in a world without jobs?

Aug 06, 2019

Robots endowed with artificial intelligence are already seen as co-workers of humans and partially conscious beings. Soon, however, they will be able to reproduce a situation worthy of the 2001 film: A Space Odyssey: they will learn without previous human interaction and will replace our positions i

The role of leadership and technologies

Aug 05, 2019

The fourth industrial revolution begins to gain space in the market. With the growth of technologies, it is inevitable to change within the companies and especially of the professionals that are inserted in them. Organizations that have emerged recently have a different mindset, where leadership and

The potential of HR and Accounting

Aug 02, 2019

accounting books, taxes and similar tasks is no longer the sole function of an accountant. In this modern sense synergy is needed with other areas such as human resources. In this article you will check out the HR potential and the accounting that go together. First of all we must understand the ch

Professionals want this benefit

Aug 01, 2019

If you had to choose between two jobs, one of them with the fixed day and the other with flexible hours, what would be your choice? According to research by the International Workplace Group (IWG), 83% of people would choose to have greater freedom to control their working hours. The study include


Jul 31, 2019

Surely you have heard the phrase "accept me as I am, I do not want to change". But are things really that way? How many can be happy with this stance of intransigence and little flexibility? No one says that a couple, parents or a boss have the authority to change who we are, but rather to help us b

What are the core competencies of a digital leader?

Jul 30, 2019

Today, talking about business leadership is the same as talking about professionals who not only dominate management but who also have extraordinary ability to understand human values. Therefore, the leader of the 21st century is admired for his behaviors and values, for his personality and for dea

IT trends for HR

Jul 29, 2019

When it comes to Human Resources within a company comes a series of steps: payroll, performance management, performance evaluation, work medicine, electronic point management, job security and so on. In day-to-day, there are tasks that make the Human Resources area extremely operational, causing it

The importance of a clarity leadership

Jul 25, 2019

Change management is in full-force across all industries, yet many leaders are unprepared to act upon and operationalize the requirements for change to avoid business disruption. For many organizations, preparedness begins at the top and this means that leadership – across