These are the behavioral skills you should hone by 2020.

Dec 05, 2019

One of the maxims in the work dynamic is that a person is hired for a technical reason and fired by a behavioral. This perception, which is almost a business proverb, makes a lot of sense: with greater competitiveness, who gets the best relationship gets ahead And which aspects will be most valued

LinkedIn trains AI to describe images posted in feed

Oct 15, 2019

LinkedIn has published on its engineering blog a study by its artificial intelligence department about developing an AI that can automatically generate textual descriptions in user-posted images. The idea is for this technology to be implemented within the platform. It's been a while since the soci

360ยบ Evaluation: What it is, How to do it and Examples

Oct 11, 2019

360 assessment is an amazing tool for mapping employee performance. Briefly, it is a resource through which the employee is evaluated from feedback from various professionals with whom he relates at work. That is: the analysis comes from various sources, not just the direct manager of the employee

Uber Works: Company Launches Temporary Jobs LinkedIn

Oct 08, 2019

After creating a popular urban transport app and launching one for food delivery, Uber is now preparing to launch another app this week, only this time focused on helping to connect temporary workers with businesses. The new Uber Works will initially be available only in Chicago (USA), where the to

Performance Appraisal: Tips for Tracking Team Development

Oct 07, 2019

Although each company has a different benchmarking cycle, the year-end acts as a date equalizer - whether the quarter or semester closes, preparations for this process are almost certain to begin. However, it is not news in the corporate environment that many of these evaluations do not follow the

HR and Financial Services

Oct 01, 2019

Some business areas tend to be more expensive than others. Although the development of subprograms is not analyzed, according to the study, the management and human resources (HR) aspects that ensure the development of your information in digital environments. An Oracle software company and MIT Tec

9 Tools That Make Any Professional's Routine Easier

Sep 30, 2019

Unsurprisingly, the smartphone has become an ally for both practical life issues and optimizing the work routine. With the right application, you can quickly and easily solve tasks that could unnecessarily “lock in” the routine. However, it is also true that it is not any activity that

The journey of the HR area through digital transformation

Sep 25, 2019

The phenomenon of Digital Transformation lives its most solid and active phase, marking territory in many segments, be it in Industry, Retail, Finance, Health, Education, Logistics and other infinity of areas that have absorbed the potentiality and scope of this transformation. With the Human Resou

10 Human Resources trends that stood out in 2019

Sep 24, 2019

Next year promises to be a lot of growth and big trends for the Recruitment and Selection segment. In times when companies are looking for resources to overcome the economic and political crisis and to become more competitive in a fierce market dictated by digitization, there is a wealth of news tha

What is the difference between HR and people management?

Sep 20, 2019

Contrary to what lay people think, business management studies know that not everything in the corporate world is white-and-black. There are several where concepts and boundaries are harder to define. One of the best examples is the case of HR and people management: despite the similarities, they a

Process and people management: how to organize?

Sep 09, 2019

We know that there are many cases of companies that have suffered labor lawsuits due to mismanagement or malfunctioning of process management and people in the company, but this is something that can now be resolved with a few simple steps and techniques. Having a good management tool is one of the

Efficient People Management

Sep 03, 2019

The scenario of an HR that is always full of demands and executes with quality its processes, but still considered devalued within an organization, is more frequent than one imagines. Generally, managers see the area only as operational and cost-generating, as well as not giving as much credibility

Best strategies for digital recruitment and selection

Sep 02, 2019

Finding qualified professionals is a big challenge for companies in general, and for HR managers in particular. Selecting the ideal employee, one who truly fits the organization's profile and still has the specifications to meet the demands of the job, represents a great differential. With the digi

Sustainability must be a concern of the Human Resources sector!

Aug 29, 2019

What does the Human Resources sector have to do with sustainability? All! Nowadays, the area is no longer a personal department, but is ensuring business development, making companies reach their goals. If you look at the current scenario, few companies ignore the relevance of this theme. Organizat

Technology for HR

Aug 28, 2019

Unlike other sectors, the Human Resources area was reluctant (and much!) To invest in technology. In the beginning, the yellow pages were used by companies seeking technical professionals. Subsequently, job sites, known as job boards, were created to allocate jobs in the digital environment. There a