What is the role of organizational culture in the processes?

Each year, we see an increase in the number of companies concerned with implementing methods that optimize their processes to achieve better results and achieve objectives.

However, for the insertion of effective processes and strategies in an organizational environment to bear fruit, it is necessary to look more deeply. Every manager needs to be aware that, more than any other factor, a strong and cohesive culture within the organization is a necessary condition for good performance.

Without the support of the team, a management process will not work, since an organizational culture is a system of values ​​shared by its members, at all levels, which differentiates one organization from the others. The more employees understand your company's culture, the greater the chance of survival in the market. Organizations are formed mainly by groups of people. Therefore, it is necessary to involve everyone in the organization for the processes to work. In contrast, a culture can also hinder the processes of change and adaptation in the organization, causing people to not accept the processes of change well. Successful companies with longevity are those that have a purpose and collaborators that are part of a team willing to work together for necessary improvements. And such improvements, without a doubt, are a challenge, especially for those who receive the change ready.

Every organization needs to be involved
As a result, our process consultant, when optimizing processes and strategies within a company, the first obstacle to be overcome, is to show people that improving processes will bring real benefits to the organization and consequently for them . Throughout the elaboration of the strategy and goals plan, every organization needs to be involved and have its responsibilities well defined, to feel that they are part of a process and acting as a team for the benefit of all. With this, it is much easier to achieve the necessary change in the processes and break some paradigms, such as, for example, that the insertion or changes in processes will hinder the service.

It is necessary that everyone knows where they are going
Since an organizational culture can interfere in the strategy and in the implementation of processes in a company, it is necessary to offer the employees involved in the processes, all necessary basis so that there is no doubt that the optimization of processes is for improvements, this includes necessary support to deal with change, such as training, workshops, etc.

It is absolutely necessary to be focused on effective communication to make it clear that everyone will be involved and will be part of the process.

Organizational culture x Processes
An organization is like a body, for it to be healthy, all parties need to be working together for a greater good. Process integration, requires care, investment and time. In view of this, a well-structured organizational culture is a key factor for management success, since without it, processes would fail.

There is no doubt that, when taking into account the Organizational Culture and the current scenario in which the organization is inserted, management is carried out in an assertive manner, with a focus on results. In addition, processes made by understanding the Organizational Culture formally instituted in the organization, contribute to the development of a results-oriented team.

Therefore, when thinking about implementing Process Management, it is essential to have a tactic that promotes a change in organizational culture, guiding people in their activities within the established process.

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