The importance of humanized care in the digital age

In busy times, where practically everything is solved online, new technologies offer important gains for companies with the optimization of processes and resources, as well as a faster and more effective service for customers. But even with all the advantages of the digital age, some people still prioritize eye to eye, conversation and coffee with customers.

A survey conducted by the company Genesys, confirms this statement! In this study, found that 67% of consumers have hung up the phone because they are unable to speak to a human being. The same is true in automated responses.

Currently, the so-called humanized service is difficult to find in the job market, and more and more customers feel the need to leave behind the computer and leave the cell phone. For this reason, the company that knows the importance of technology without giving up physical contact, becomes different and ends up getting ahead of the competitor.

Another study conceived by the State of the Connected Customer, and carried out by the Salesforce company, found, after interviewing approximately 7 thousand consumers in 15 countries, that 80% of customers consider that the experience of shopping and service is as important as quality service or product.

Cold and superficial relationships in the most diverse situations, whether personal or professional, have been commonplace, so a humanized service becomes essential. This concept, which is very widespread in the health area, can and should be applied in all public service activities. For Juliana Ferraz, journalist and executive director of JF Gestão de Content, the humanization of service is nothing more than a closer relationship between the client and the service provider. “Understanding exactly what the customer needs, what they are looking for and their objective in relation to the service they are looking for. This type of service is beneficial for both parties, as it also directs the work and results of the provider, ”says the businesswoman.

However, putting humanized care into practice is not always a simple task for some organizations, but changing some concepts can already give another face to the way you treat your customer. For example, in the help, automation and management systems channels, the crucial point is not to maintain the robotic tone of conversations. Each dialogue needs to be unique, so that the client feels special and heard in every way. “Since the beginning of my agency, when there was still no talk of humanized service, I tried to bring this up in dealing with clients, as it is necessary to stop and listen, attentively, to be able to capture and extract the essence, values, desires and goals, so that it is possible to outline an effective strategy and aligned with the client's objectives ”, says Juliana.

In addition, you can also train your team for good service, always respectful and attentive; personalize the experiences with each client, understanding and absorbing his needs; and listen to them by providing a space for feedback on the services provided, because only then will you know if you are on the right path.

There are many benefits of humanized care. Among them, we can mention the increase in the level of customer satisfaction; the reduction of abandonment and cancellation of services; winning a loyal and more engaged audience with the brand; the contribution to business profitability; the motivation of employees to seek their best; and promoting the company's image. Given all this, there is no way not to transform humanized care into a key part of the corporate world, already so saturated and competitive.

For the journalist, valuing the human being, regardless of their position or position, is the path to success. “Whatever the line of business, this more humane positioning brings greater identification with your target audience, attracting them to consume your products or services. Currently, people seek to consume things with which they identify in some way, communication has to be humanized and this is only possible if, in all points of this process, the service is aligned with that ”.

If still, you as a businessman, find it little advantageous or have no time to implement humanized service in your business, here are other tips from entrepreneurs who put this technique into practice and reap good results with the results. “Humanized service is from the inside out, so the manager must start with his internal customer, who is his team, so that they understand, internalize and transmit this position of humanized service to the company's customers. There is no exact formula, after all, it is a human service for humans and we are not exact. But with this methodology, I can say that I have clients who have been with me since the beginning of my company, in 2013 ”, concludes the journalist.

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