CIO Technical Priorities in 2019

Dec 13, 2018

According to CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2019 survey, 57% of CIOs expect their technology budgets to increase over the next 12 months. This growth is quite consistent with the last years of this study. However, technology priorities are constantly changing based on the tools organizations have im

Team focus: trend points to group management replacing individual management

Nov 27, 2018

The essence of a company is in its organizational culture, characterized by the set of habits and beliefs established through values, norms and attitudes, shared by all members of the organization. From the industrial era to the present, great changes in the elements that make up the organizational

Managing Change in Organizations

Nov 14, 2018

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic corporate world, companies need to find solutions that add value and make them more robust to change and innovation. It is essential that business management be assertive and sustain the business. In this scenario, change management has gained increasing p

The challenge of change management

Nov 14, 2018

Although it is important for the growth of any business, as in any other situation, implementing change is nothing simple or easy. This implementation does not occur overnight, yet it often faces resistance within organizations. Change management is necessary because it involves a set of structure

Organizational change management: what are the challenges for the manager?

Nov 08, 2018

No business stays open for long with a static work model. Any company must adapt to the new market conditions, looking for ways to improve. However, many teams fear these changes or just do not know how to conduct them safely. To avoid these problems, you need to work on organizational change manage

Change management in the digital era

Nov 02, 2018

Technology in the organizational environment is able to redefine the standards of leadership, people management and even the whole concept of the word "work." In future organizations, power structures give place to efficient and ready teams to face new work dynamics, within a wide and diversified p

4 Steps to Managing Effective Organizational Change

Oct 30, 2018

The process of change in an organization is always complex because it involves leaving the comfort zone, generating disagreements and undermining the organization's climate, and also because there are no guarantees of success due to the challenges and uncertainties in its implementation. Therefore,

Compliance and Corporate Leadership

Oct 18, 2018

When it comes to compliance in organizations, it does not mean just compliance with laws and rules. It is suggested to extend this interpretation in order to achieve integrity and ethics, hoping to find in the companies a culture and the desire to do the right thing. To this end, those who are lead

The 6 best strategies for digital recruitment and selection

Oct 16, 2018

Finding qualified professionals is a big challenge for companies in general, and for HR managers in particular. Selecting the ideal employee, one who truly fits the organization's profile and still has the specifications to meet the demands of the job, represents a great differential. With the digi

Internet providers file lawsuit against California net neutrality rules

Oct 04, 2018

Four industry groups representing major Internet service providers and cable companies filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block California's new law aimed at regulating network neutrality. The groups represent companies including AT & T, Verizon, Comcast and Charter Communications. The lawsui

How to develop an organizational culture that encourages the digital workspace?

Oct 02, 2018

A study by the Brookings Institution points out that millennials, a generation born from the 1980s, will be 75% of the workforce by 2025. These young professionals have a feature that differs greatly from previous generations - as well as more practical and results they still value a good work envir

Leadership Styles and Impacts on Employees

Sep 20, 2018

It is very important to know the relationship of the leader with his / her leaders and to observe how he / she can guide their conduct and their style of leadership towards the search for better management results. Therefore, we will see below the influences of four different styles of leadership -

7 Strategies for Successful Change Management

Sep 14, 2018

Change Management is the discipline that aims to ensure that transition initiatives are successful and do not cause negative business impacts. Organizations throughout the world are constantly adapting to support their strategic plans, meet regulatory requirements, operational demands or shareholde

What is Change Management and 5 mistakes that companies make

Sep 06, 2018

Organizations, as well as employees, are attached to their routine. They have difficulties in promoting change and when they decide on this project, they sin by hurrying through results or forgetting one of the main elements of this equation: people. According to an article published by Deloitte,

The 6 Core Ingredients for a Digital Transformation

Aug 29, 2018

As I look across the enterprise landscape I see an impending sense of doom. Whether it’s because my business is getting hammered by Amazon, a new fintech coming out of left field, a new technology that puts into question my reason for being, the pressures of just keeping up let alone