Engage your employees with digital endomarketing

The idea that the employee is the customer number of an organization is old and makes sense in companies that understand the importance of having it as a strong - and main - ally of its raison d'être.

But just as strategies for capturing and retaining consumers have been adapted to the new social behaviors based on technologies, so should the actions developed by companies to stimulate employees to engage in commercial and social causes propagated by the institution.

And it is in this scenario that the Digital Endomarketing

To know the full potential of this area, we must first start with traditional techniques until we can reach their adaptability for communication with the internal public of an institution.

Understanding the profiles that make up the different generations will also help you to better understand the concept

So ready to walk the path that will lead to your employee's engagement and motivation?

The concept of Endomarketing

Endomarketing or Internal Marketing is an area of management that sees the employee as an internal customer of the company and who develops actions to conquer it, retain it and make it a propeller of the brand and marketed products.

Through traditional marketing strategies, the Human Resources, Internal Communication and Marketing sectors unite for a common goal: to make employees understand the mission of a company, to realize the importance of each collective results and thus feel committed to developing professional activities efficiently.

What is Digital Endomarketing

Digital endomarketing is nothing more than the evolution of the traditional strategies of traditional endomarketing employed in the new technological platforms.

As people are increasingly connected and have increasingly used the internet to position themselves on a given topic, to seek knowledge and to show themselves to the world, companies need to use technologies to interact with employees.

Digital Endomarketing and Organizational Culture

The essence of an organizational culture is directly linked to all the practices performed in a company's daily life and denotes its norms, values, expectations and attitudes.

Thus, the whole set of corporate culture is linked to the image of the company and, in order to have credibility in relation to what is executed, it is necessary that philosophy and action are aligned.

After all, identity (the way the company wants to be seen) needs to be the same as its image (people's perception of what the real company is).

Therefore, before aggregating the technologies to the actions of an organization's internal public, managers need to realize if the organizational culture is in line with the innovations available to the market.

If managers perceive that processes are still quite traditional and that the "paper and pen" environment still prevails within the company, a change must be made, both for the sake of internal relations and for the sake of external relations.

The idea here is the same one that made the Digital Marketing to be implemented and become essential in the commercial relations and approach between companies and customers in the contemporary world.

Therefore, organizations that understand that neglecting technologies is a mistake and that any form of communication that is left aside is inefficient, certainly are already one step ahead of the competition.

But before presenting the tools, benefits and strategies of digital endomarketing so that you can deploy them in your organization, you need to show the relationship that this administrative area has with the different generations that make up the company's staff.

Benefits of Digital Endomarketing

Now that you have understood the concept of Digital Endomarketing, how it relates to different generations and the organizational culture, it is time to realize the advantages of implementing actions for employees based on the use of technologies

Motivation of the collaborator
People are accustomed to communicating over the internet through digital platforms.

So it would be a bit tedious to receive and send communications in the traditional way, would not it ?!

Especially if the target of the communiqués is a member of the Y and Z generations.

With the use of social networks, corporate communication software and other digital media developed specifically for this audience, employees will feel more motivated to interact, because this type of message is already part of their routine.

Internalization of campaigns and communiqués
From the moment a company uses digital mechanisms to communicate with its employees, there is a greater dynamism between sending, receiving and internalizing the message.

So, promoting a campaign, publicizing an event, or reinforcing some standard or benefit becomes easier, as is adherence, much greater!

Actions made in the digital environment are more economical and provide greater cost / benefit compared to conventional ones promoted in the physical environment.

Initial investments, depending on the platform used, are rather simple compared to the more traditional ones, and bring significant savings in the long run.

Promotion of Integration
Digital environments allow people to communicate more quickly and effectively.

Thus, with the use of digital platforms and mechanisms, the HR and Internal Communication sectors are able to interact with each other (and consequently their employees), which increases integration and benefits the entire performance of the company. corporation.

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